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Rachel is the host of Rachel on Recovery.  Rachel was sexual abused by her autistic father and had borderline mother. Rachel grew up in south with getting know many people’s stories with dealing with trauma most because she was so open with own. Not by her own doing but on she was raised her mother told anyone who would listen  about her father sexual abusing her daughter. Even though it was true her mother used it for her own personal gain. 


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Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone

I grew up with a borderline mother who had been sexually abused and autistic incestuous father who had strong circumstantial evidence of insestial abuse. Their trauma bonded marriage built an unhealthy and toxic home environment. After years of unraveling multigenerational family trauma, studying patterns within the family, and academic research to understand what happen to me and my family. 

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Special guest Tammy Miles and her journey to recovery from sexual abuse. 

Season 1, Episode 5    |    33min

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Rachel on the Early Year

When Rachel was little she had this little tikes cassette player with record feature and she would take tapes practice recording her self on them she might have recorded over a few important tapes along the way but she enjoyed it. She did have rediscover her love of recording herself and found herself again.

She went on a long journey of career searching in her twenties and early thirties.  She was very into technology in her high school years.  First year of college she was computer science that soon changed to computer information and finally at the end junior year.

She changed her major to telecommunications. She did one her first jobs at college she did a radio show at a online radio station run by a bunch of ex-cons saved in prison. And she really enjoyed it but it got shut down for lack of funding. 

Rachel’s Journey

Rachel found a web assistant job for a few months did a couple of shows on another online radio show before they shut down as well. She ended up going back to school for masters in information science and still ended up taking a course back in communication department. She tried for about 8 years to make it in IT.

She did get to teach experience and one short term software test job. God said no. She went to seminary for a year trying to get into counseling program that rejected her twice. And she started an educational psychology graduate program which she failed out of because her research was to triggering and she was doing her neurofeedback and working on breaking her trauma bond with her father.

Rachel on Recovery Birth

Rachel had a weird job of coaching swimming at 4:45am which she spent a lot time reading and listen to books. She read a lot about trauma and mental health on her own journey to healing and she went on the Haven retreat with Tammy and Zoe.

And that retreat really encouraged her to start a podcast that her friend Bella had been telling her to do for a very long time. So thanks to many of friends and family that been support of Rachel on Recovery was born.

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Meet The Hosts

Rachel Stone

Rachel Stone


Rachel has a BS in Telecommunication minors in Computer Information, Business and Religion. She also has a master degree in Information Systems with Graduate certificates in Human Computer Interaction and Biblical studies. She has also done mass research on incest recovery and CPSTD. Rachel went on journey of her own trying recovery from her own childhood trauma of sexual abuse from her autistic father and growing up with borderline mother who both had been badly abused as children . Rachel goal of this show is to help others find their voice and tell their story.